Saturday, March 5, 2016

So Long, Somerset West

Our seven weeks of renting a garden flat in Somerset West came to an end last week, and it's been great. We've worked hard and our first school term is practically over. Here are a couple of photos taken during our stay.

We've been to the Strand's beach a couple of times, and got to know the neighborhood on our family walks.

Notice the way the wind is blowing the sand. 

The boys preferred to walk on the dry sand in order to collect 'treasures'. 

I prefer the wet sand (thanks for the picture, mom). 

Beach clouds. 

A delightful swing about halfway on our walking route. We stopped almost every time.

The palm tree where we stayed. Palm trees make really cool silhouettes. 

Weekends have been quite busy, and we've ticked a couple of activities and places off our bucket list (see some of the previous posts on these). Overall, it's been a necessary and productive two months. So long, Strand and Somerset!

My personal favorite picture from the Strand. 


  1. Ag ek hoop nie dis die einde van jou blog nie want dit is soos 'n vervolg verhaal en ek kon nie wag om die opvolg te lees nie. Jou gunsteling foto is indrukwekkend mooi!

    1. Nog nie ouma; ek sal probeer om diƩ verhaal 'n bevredigende einde te gee.
      Dankie! xx


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