Sunday, November 15, 2015

Farm Boys - A Trip Down Memory Lane

As our time on the farm runs out, we've been thinking and looking back to what we've done and learned. This post is dedicated to the gang of boys that has played and had fun here on the farm during our stay, who welcomed Theuns and Maarten (though shy at first), and made them temporary farm boys as well.

Every week (as far as needed/possible), Theuns and Maarten has looked after and played with Diesel on Thursdays and Fridays - we've all come to love him as a youngest brother. By all means the farthest thing from shy and quiet, Diesel, Theuns and Maarten has done everything from collecting straw for piglets, to reading, drawing, swimming, and building mudmen.

Winter floods and swimming - they were blue afterwards. 

Card-house smiles. 

Endless drawing (he makes them draw a picture then colors it in himself). 

'Working' getting straw for the piglets. 

Temporarily water drawing, with ice as a medium. 


We love you, Diesel. 

With plenty of hills and bikes available, racing downhill has been an adrenaline filled entertainment.

The boys are back in town...

Diesel brakes barefoot; not the others though. They aren't that tough. 

Sometimes, racing and swimming even got combined! Video - Diesel in action! 

Then there has been exploring and digging tunnels....