Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our 2 day Tour of the Free State

We started our journey with a 2 day tour of the Free State.

We visited Martie du Plessis (well known amongst homeschoolers in SA) in Clarens.  We went to a place near Clarens called Sunnyside - a traditional English guesthouse farm, where it felt as if we were walking into a museum. We had a three course meal, with tea afterwards. The manager/owner of Sunnyside is "tannie" Boland (85yrs old), who's been on the farm for 55 years. 

Our table at Sunnyside.

After a wonderful breakfast the next day, we drove to Golden Gate National Park, where we went on a short, 2 hour hike called Holkrans. It was a very cold day with icy, strong winds blowing continuously.

The dry Free State plains on our way.

 Dust storms.

The view from one of the caves we passed on our hike, near Golden Gate.

Another activity we started today was to "treasure hunt" with GPS (called Geocaching). This was very exciting for the boys and we will continue doing it on our tour.

On Our Way

We are on our way, out of Potch! Sunday night we slept at my grandma's house, and Monday morning we packed in our last things.
Thank you for wonderful times and memories, and see you next year June, Potchefstroom!!

The transportation/mobile home...

.... And company! 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

We Are Houseless!

The house is empty, the floors have been cleaned and newly painted, and the people moving in have been given the keys today.
As we walked through the massive rooms of our childhood home for the last time, admiring the new beautiful floors and saying goodbye, I think we all experienced sentiment. It was a sad day.

Cleaning off a previous attempt of woodoc. 
The new floors.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Pets Organizing

This weekend's goal was to take care of our pets. Our two dogs are being looked after by people here in Potch. We took Jock and Vlooi to their new home (for a year) on Saturday. They were scared and hiding under our car for about half an hour, then they settled in and were already playing with the other 2 dogs and running around when we left.
We will miss them.



The birds are on their way as well. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moving Furniture

With 10 days left, most of our furniture has been moved into our (former) TV room and only the basics (which we will move in the last day) remain. Gradually, we've been moving bookshelves, cupboards, and desks. Many hands make light work!

Moving the school bookshelves.

Inside the storage room.

Moving a cupboard.

A long, empty corridor.