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A family living in South Africa, the Krugers decided to go on a sabbatical journey to tour our beautiful country. We trust in God, and He is the One leading us.

Having stayed in the growing town of Potchefstroom for 14 years, we've been blessed with a huge old house and a massive back yard, where us three kids grew up and had wonderful times. In the beginning of 2014, my mom and us went to my grandparents' beach vacation house for the whole February and March. It was a life changing experience and a glimpse into an entirely different lifestyle. Soon we began thinking of new possibilities. A change was needed in many aspects of our lives, and thus the idea of traveling as a family came into being. Three months later in October 2014, we left Potchefstroom behind with everything we need in a car and trailer.

We have been on the journey for many months now living a different sort of lifestyle.  The fact that we are flexible enough to prolong our stay if we feel the need to do so, has caused us to stay still for awhile here in the Kammanassie mountains near George.  But the journey of growth in ourselves is an adventure in itself, and we can only testify that God is good and faithful.We are privileged to not only talk about 'doing this thing', but actually living it.

As of June 2016 we have settled in Oudtshoorn, a small historic town in the Little Karoo. We look back on the past 2-year-long season in our lives with awe and thankfulness for all that we've seen, done, and learned. It was an incredible adventure during which we grew as individuals as well as together as a family. We know however, that just because we are not traveling constantly any more, doesn't mean the journey is over. A new season in our lives is beginning, but we hope and believe that the 2-year period that Elna has documented through this blog will inspire and encourage others.

"It's a dangerous business, going out of your door.  You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you might be swept off to." - J.R.R. Tolkien

 Meet the family 

 My dad - Theunis - is a qualified townplanner, but he is currently working on his new career in financial and economical advising/planning. He is also a trader (in the making).

My mom - Willemien - is an industrial engineer, homeschool mother, website/business owner, author and speaker. She loves to plan and organize. Visit her website for everything you want to know about home education! http://www.homeschooling-curriculum-guide.com/

Myself - Elna - is the writer of this blog. I started it when I was 14, and finished it at 16. I love reading, writing, dancing, the ocean, and music.

My first brother - Theuns - loves planes, machines, building and playing.

My second brother - Maarten - loves people, building, inventing and playing.

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  1. Great post!!!!!!!!If you only travel within your own country, you don't learn about other cultures, attitudes and beliefs and that's particularly true in the US where very few people know about or have any interest in anywhere other than their own country. It's far, far more difficult for Australians to be 'well travelled' because of our distance from most other countries, but a very large percentage of Aussies have made the effort.Thanks:)


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