Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Life

On OverThere Farm, there are quite a lot of animals who are looked after daily and provide food as well as amusement. Since our arrival, there's been a few new faces and we've experienced the wonder of seeing new life.

Solitaire gave birth to a calf, Uno, who at first got kicked when he tried to drink. But after getting the baby to a dry warm place and giving the mother time, she calmed down. Jerry milked the new mom and we bottle-fed Uno. After some time together, he managed to drink and is well and energetic now. 

Newborn calf.

Maarten with Uno and his mom. 

Safe and warm. 

On the day we arrived, a baby goat was born. He was really small and laying around for the first few days, but soon he joined the "bende" (the 'gang' of kids/baby goats) in their mischief. They really are very naughty and curious.

Escaped!.. again.

Another newborn kid. 

A hen was brooding when we arrived, and soon there were 3 adorable baby chicks. Sadly one of them was taken by some bird of prey already. Better keep a close watch on your babies mother hen...

Protective mother and chicks strutting along.

At our arrival the last goose on the farm was still sitting on her nest, and after a few days 4 goslings appeared. The mother and babies only wandered around for a few days though; they were sold soon afterwards.

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