Sunday, October 12, 2014


On Sunday (October 5) we drove to Cobham Nature Reserve near Underberg and Himeville, 2 small towns only 5km apart. A rather amusing story surrounds the lane of oak trees that spans from the one town to the other; Underberg started as a shop in 1886, and when a new town had to be built in the area, authorities decided that Underberg's location was not suitable for being a magistrate seat. As a result Himeville was established in 1902, and a long rivalry carried on between the two, such that the oak trees were planted to try and improve the relationship...

Together with Marina (our fellow volunteer from Germany) we went for a 15km hike in the Southern Drakensberg Mountains. The weather was great and we walked past lots of clear pools in the Polela River. Unfortunately it was too cold to swim in!

 On the way, past a beautiful lake.

Scenery on the hike.

Ending the day with a lovely sunset.

On Tuesday (October 7) our hosts took us for a local walk in the indigenous forest, up to one of the hills where we could see the entire Valley. It was beautiful.

On our way up.

Our view of Byrne Valley.

An amusing sign on the way back to the car. 


  1. Die fotos is puik saam met die teks en het tot gevolg dat ek werklik kan meeleef wat julle alles ervaar.

  2. Hi Elna,
    Sjoe maar julle het 'n heerlike avontuur! So gaan ons ook saam julle meer leer van ons pragtige land. Baie liefde aan almal
    Tannie Elana

  3. Wow! Heerlik om saam jul te reis. Well done Elna! Geniet dit! Groete, Korita Olivier & gesin


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