Friday, October 31, 2014


While at OverThere Farm, we had quite a lot of happenings going on, from visiting 'tannie' Pam's lovely tea garden to separating cream. Here are a few.

We went to art class once or twice with Mirte and Femke at Pam's, as well as visiting her tea garden as a family. Every time we went it rained though, so we sat on the veranda, not in the beautiful, flowering garden.

Dear old tannie Pam and her dog, Puff.

Now where did all the cookies go....

One day we went to the Oaks Hotel for a Sunday lunch. It was lovely and we had a nice view out the window.

One night there was a fire up on the hill behind the house. It looked really big and scary, but when we went for a hike up the hill to the fire tower a few days later, it seemed that it was controlled. 


A snakeskin on our walk.


Wildflower collage.

Our fellow volunteer from Japan, Shoko, had her birthday on the 22th. Femke made cake, and on another baking occasion we also made rusks which were then dried on the roof. 

Note Mirte's almost finished tower in the background. It's pretty awesome.

My brothers learned to knit (personally I had a good laugh). 

Chickens were slaughtered...

...And cream separated.

On our last day off, we drove to Scottburgh. We met up with some friends, had lunch on the beach and went down a slip-and-slide. It was great fun.

Watch out!

My therapy. 

We swam in the dam on a hot day as well (while keeping an eye on the goats). There are a couple of things all children should do before they grow up; one of these is to swim in a farm dam. Raven (the Great Dane) had a lot of fun even though she thinks she can't swim.

Getting the (sunken) boat out (note the dog).

It was a mission to get everyone to jump in at exactly the same time.... But mom managed to get some epic photos anyway. Beware, crocodiles. 

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