Thursday, October 16, 2014

Daily Chores

On a farm, there are certain things that have to be done every day. Most of us has one of these chores, in the morning and the afternoon.
Every morning the cows has to be fetched from the fields and milked. In the afternoons, the calves and cows are separated so that there is more milk the next day.


Mirte with the milking machine.

The goats are also milked.

Theuns milking by hand.

Washing up the dairy and bottling the milk are done by my mom.

 Bottles of milk in cold water. 

When there is extra milk we make cheese, butter, maas and buttermilk. 

 Homemade cheese with herbs.

Feeding the pigs happens every morning; we take turns with this. Next to OverThere Farm is The Oaks Hotel, where we collect scraps and take it to the pigs. The piglets squeal terribly...

My mom, Rusty, and hoards of piglets. 

I look after the chickens; food, water, and locking them up at night is all they need.

Weeding the vegetable garden is part of caring for the chickens; they love greens. If it's not raining the vegetable garden also has to be watered, including all the newly planted tomatoes.

After lunch me, Theuns and Maarten has schoolwork to do...

.... and jogging.

Every afternoon a bread has to be baked for the next day. Everyone takes turns with washing dishes and preparing supper on a coal stove. Chopping wood for the stove is also a constant chore that my dad is responsible for.

The boys and Femke making pancakes. 


The coal stove.


  1. sjoe, daai kaas en pork pie lyk na goeie belonings vir 'n harde dag se werk! allerhande interessante takies, lyk koud maar lekker! t.magdeleen

  2. Jy sluit die lief en leed asook takies van plaaslewe oop vir my. Nostalgie vloei oor.....geniet die laaste paar dae aldaar.


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