Saturday, February 6, 2016

South Africa's French Legacy

Exploring the Cape one Saturday at a time, we couldn't skip Franschhoek, and thus on January 30th we drove to this beautiful French-established town via Sir Lowry's Pass, Grabouw and Vyeboom (places' names). Here follows everything we did. 

On the way, we stopped in Grabouw at the Elgin Apple Museum, apparently one of only two apple museums in the world. Unfortunately it is very old and not well kept, but its location is appropriate in the Elgin Valley, where 60% of South Africa's national apple crop is produced. It is also the largest single export fruit producing area in Southern Africa. 

Orchard upon orchard - we almost felt at home (after living in the fruit producing Kammanassie valley last year). 

In the Apple Museum. 

Theewaterskloof Dam.  

In 1688, 176 French Huguenot refugees (due to being persecuted in France for their religion) arrived in the Cape and were giving undeveloped farms in a mountain-surrounded area called 'Olifantshoek' (Elephant's Corner). Soon a town was established, and today it is called Franschhoek (French Corner), a beautiful little town surrounded by renowned wineries (the Frenchmen brought their winemaking skills and experience with them). Today one of the main attractions is the French Huguenot Museum and Monument, both of which are quite impressive and in good condition.

Descending down into Franschhoek on the Franschhoek Pass. Notice how the mountains are on both sides of the town. 

I couldn't take pictures inside the museum, but the buildings were 'worth a shot'. 

Lunch at a quaint little restaurant next to the museum. 

The Monument's Gardens. 


Seeking shade (it was a very hot day). 

We also stopped at the Franschhoek Motor Museum established by the Ruperts family. In contrast to the rather dilapidated Apple Museum, the Motor Museum was in another league. The atmosphere was very professional, and the buildings were built specially for the cars.

There were fast cars... 
Strange cars...

...And surprising cars (this car seems rather surprised, too).  

We had a quick stop in Wilhelmina Street for a picture (my mom's full name is Wilhelmina). 

Then it was onward to Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, where we had a lovely hike in the mountains to round off the day (and tire the boys).

The light was beautiful. 
 Harsh rocks. 

Thanks for reading! Here's a flower for your thoughts.  


  1. Thank you for the flower for our thoughts :)
    Love your photographs and writing, en die foto voor die Huguenot museum op die gras is 'n stunning a gesinsfoto! **

  2. Ons land word so pragtig deur jou lens vasgevang.

    1. Asook hopelik ons liefde vir ons land. Dankie vir die kommentaar ouma! xx

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