Friday, August 7, 2015

Kammanassie Winter

 As mentioned in the SARIE (August edition) magazine article about our lifestyle, we have so far experienced 3 seasons here in the Kammanassie - from December's breathstealing heat (summer), to the fantasy autumn colors amongst the orchards, and now the freezing temperatures of winter. As with each season, it arrived on its own time and had us wearing 7 layers of clothing, pretending to be dragons in the kitchen (that should tell you something about the temperatures...), and yelling excitedly at brief glimpses of snow on the mountains, between the drifts of clouds.

Because winter is rain season in the Cape, we've had some long, wet days too, during which the mountains are invisible behind clouds and mist. The water is good for the soil and plant life though, so we didn't complain. Rain is always welcome on this farm.

Our oak tree kept a few yellow leaves despite vicious winds.
Crystal leaves.

One early morning on our way to George, we passed 2 horses in a camp - the frost was so thick, it looked like snow! 

Interesting to observe was the pruning of the orchards; apricot-, plum- and peach-trees were all pruned on the farm, and every day groups of chatting workers could be heard amongst the trees, their pruning scissors clicking away. An orchard's lower branches are pruned first, and then they go through it again with ladders, pruning the high branches.

Bare and pruned.

 The ladders are light and easy to carry, as they are constantly being lifted up and carried to the next tree.

 All twigs that do not have enough buds on are pruned, as well as any dead branches. 

Workers judge which twigs stay and which go by eye. 

They get really good at balancing... 

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  1. Thank you for breathtaking photos!

  2. Love reading about your life on the farm! It is my dream to live on a farm one day :-)

    Thanks for sharing! :-)

    1. Thanks for commenting Charlie - we're glad you like it!


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