Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Cave Weekend in April

Last month, we went on a weekend adventure worth mentioning. We  drove to Baviaanskloof through Willowmore, to a place called 'Bakkrans'. Together with the Burgers, 'tannie' Anel's brother and friends of theirs, and Kate we spent the weekend there - in a real cave!

"No loitering is allowed on this bridge."  Of course we loitered.

Antique shop/restaurant in Willowmore. 

After many a pit stop on the way, we arrived at our cave... A fire was immediately started (for cooking purposes, not scaring animals off...yet).

Lunch pit stop. 


 From above.

Snack platter!

Late evening walk up the gorge. 

We could see there used to be water. 

Me playing baboon (the person is my dad). 

Flying object incoming...

The first night passed without event, and the next day we hiked up the gorge to where the stream is still actually flowing.

The 26th of April was my parents 18th wedding anniversary.
 Special tree.

Friendly shadows. 

Maarten and the arum lilies.

We had lunch next to the little stream. 

 Kate was my model.


 Hearts and rocks.


The walk back. 

Just chilling. We slept a lot, and did nothing too.


Both nights we braaied (traditional South African barbecue).

The puzzles of opening a bottle of champagne... In honor of my parents' anniversary.

 Thank you for reading!

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  1. Jou keuses van fotos bring ons as lesers binne-in die gebeurtenis en ervaring. En jou woorde verskaf heerlike genot.


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