Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Very Eventful Weekend

February 28, March 1-2 was a very exciting weekend for us - we drove to Stellenbosch and around Cape Point, visited Kirstenbosch in Cape Town, saw friends, and had a milkshake at Matjiesfontein. Here follows the story and plenty of photos!

The whole trip's origin was to take my gran to the grand (exclusive) opening of an art exhibition in Stellenbosch, where one of her paintings was exhibited. Saturday we officially had our tourist 'hats' on and spent 10 hours in the car. After dropping ouma off at her sister, we drove around Cape Point from Muizenberg to Cape town - a beautiful round trip to fit into a day.

Our fist view of False Bay when we came over Sir Lowry's pass.

Random windpump in the middle of a lake near Stellenbosch. We joked that it worked too well. 

Driving on the beach at Muizenberg, literally! 

Passing though the different suburbs eg. Kalk bay, St James, Scarborough, Kommetjie etc. Each little town had its own atmosphere. 

We stopped at a fish-fair in Kalkbay for lunch; the smells from braai-fires were just too tempting.

A battleship! Simon's Town is one of South Africa's Naval Bases

Everywhere all the trees are a testimony to the famous Cape winds.

Windsurfing late afternoon.


Chapman's Bay - one of the widest white beaches I've ever seen.

Chapman's Peak Drive was magnificent - our first view of Hout Bay.

Scary... apparently in winter there is a big problem with sliding/falling rocks - there are nets everywhere, and we were also lucky that the road was open.

Entering 'rich man's land' - Clifton, Sea Point, Bloubergstrand, etc (thank you Monopoly!). The houses are built directly on top of each other, with glass everywhere - I feel sorry for the window cleaners.

Our first view of Table Mountain, covered in its blanket of clouds (notice the wind).

The next day (Sunday) we spent 3 hours at Kirstenbosch, SA's most famous botanical garden at the eastern foot of Table Mountain.

Flowers currently blooming, including the beautiful March Flower, a bulb growing underground most of the time - only in March does stunning pink flowers emerge out of seemingly nowhere.

Just arrived.

Ancient bonsais - most of them were older than 50 years, some even around 500 years!


The Boomslang walk, rising above the tree canopy.

It kind of looks like a giant snake...

Modjadji's Cycad - the much-sought-after-by-gardeners 'Broodboom'.

Resting a bit - mom nearly lost her phone that day by putting it on a bench, and forgetting it there.... A kind lady took it to the office, where we collected it again (after quite a panic and adrenalin rush).

Very entertaining drinking water fountains.

A very worthy quote.

The Fireball Lily.

The glasshouse.

Multiple climates from all over SA all in one glasshouse.

After a lot of walking around in the gardens, we drove to Rhodes Memorial for a picnic lunch with friends.

The 'Roman Temple' -inspired structure.

The view over the city is amazing.

Cecil John Rhodes, not the most humble person on earth....

My group of 5 models.

We probably spent an hour just riding the lions.

Table Mountain taunting me by nearly coming out of the mist/clouds, but then being too far away to photograph properly.

The next day (Monday), we picked ouma up from her sister and headed home via another route.

Something the Krugers rarely see - the sun coming up!

Picturesque typical Cape scenery - quaint white houses in the vineyards, with mountains in the background.

Driving past the signboard to Matjiesfontein, my parents had a flash of inspiration and we turned off for a milkshake in this rather cute (but very tiny) town.

 I almost got the whole place in one picture - the town is literally one street long.

The biggest building in Matjiesfontein is the Lord Milner Hotel, where you take a leap back into history - with its English flag and open courtyards, it really captures one's imagination.

Ouma in her dream courtyard.

Maarten in Matjiesfontein's big red London bus.

After a nice milkshake, we drove on through Little Karoo scenery, and through a very scenic Seweweekspoort (Seven Weeks Pass) near Calitzdorp.

The dry Karoo.

If it wasn't for mom, I'd never be on any photos (haha). I think she should call this one 'Photographer in the Wind'.

Mountains in Seweweekspoort.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Ag dit lyk lekker! Ons wil nog graag na die botaniese tuin in die Kaap gaan! Ons was by die een in Pretoria en dit was heerlik gewees! Julle moet dit baie geniet! Wou nog gese het dat julle perde lyk baie oulik en hulle is soooo mooi!


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