Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ponies and Grandmother Arrive!

The past two weeks has been wonderful, because our grandmother Elna is visiting!! February 15th we drove to George, and celebrated Valentines Day (one day late) by eating lunch at Panarottis – it was actually very funny as we barely spoke a word to each other, everyone absorbed in their technology while we had good internet connection... We fetched 'ouma' afterwards at George Airport – it was exciting watching her plane land and another take off.

The day before we fetched her, we (spring)cleaned the house - even Nassie helped washing windows!

George's tiny airport.

Safely back home with ouma (last seen 5 months ago). 

At her arrival, she delivered warm clothes (that we left behind in Potch), and something that caused lots of laughs and teasing for my dad: kefir. It’s a kind of yogurt-making plant (more like sour milk though). At one stage my dad got obsessed with it (he still is) for its health benefits and energy-giving properties etc. When we started travelling he had to leave it behind, but now he wants to start it up again! He had dried some but that didn’t work, so he needed new plants which he ordered from friends in Potchefstroom. The keifer was laboriously packed and repacked till it passed the requirements for flight transport, and my dad was overjoyed when it reached us last Sunday. Keifer is now fully revived and working.

I was required to take a picture.

We’ve been visiting the neighbour farmers and friends with her, went on walks, showed off animals, swam in the dam, washed dishes, cooked and played games together, and are thoroughly enjoying her stay with us!

Walks on farm roads.

Watering the vegetable garden. 

Board games. 

Sunday morning before 'church'. 

Tea on the Kammanassie mountains - the cattle was very curious. 
Visiting neighbours. 

Grandma is constantly washing up. 
 Deep conversations...

We're already feeling more at home.

She is staying till March 5th when we will take her to George to fly back to Potch. Thanks for the lovely visit 'ma/ouma' - we really appreciate it!

On Valentine's Day last week the Krugers got a fantastic Valentines ‘present’ – two beautiful ponies!! They are a Welsh/Shetland cross, and rather wild. We bought them from people in the Langkloof who drove them here in a trailer. The ponies are adapting well, and are already not as bewildered as last week when we walk into the camp.  Getting to know horses is a whole new journey for us and we hope that we will be able to build a good relationship with these beautiful animals.


Scared to get out.

Valk was the brave one to go first...

Arend followed.


Happily grazing. 


  1. O, dit was 'n verruklike kuier! Ek het in 'n klein woonstel agter die woonhuis geslaap. Saans was so stil dat ek meer as een soort uil hoor roep het en bedags was dit die visarende se beurt. Dit was egter so donker dat ek my oë toegehou het wanneer ek moes omdraai sodat ek nie bang sou word nie! Elke oggend was die twee "varkieboere" se varkie-kosgee-ritueel my wekker. Elke skemer was die pragtige Kammanassieberge anders getooi. Baie dankie aan jul almal vir 'n onvergeetlike 20 dae.


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