Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Birthday and Other Events

A few events that happened during late January and early February....

Brendon turned 16; we arranged a small ‘party’ for him one evening. It was a quiet affair with only the people on the farm – we prayed for him, and afterwards had tea and cake.

 Three generations....

 Grandfather and grandson.

Putting candles on or stealing icing??

One past Friday morning was also very eventful; 4 schools around Uniondale (including the one where ‘tannie’ Anel teaches and my mom is helping with admin) had athletics and all of us went with to help. The boys both participated ("hol tussen die res van hulle"), and I helped out with the longjump measuring.

 Nice throw!

In action. 

A record of 4.2 meters!

Every time when we drive to George, we see signboards pointing to Eagle Falls Resort, and one Saturday we decided to go check it out (considering it’s only 7km from us, and could be a very nice picnic spot in the future). Brendon and Breyton went with, and we had a marvellous time swimming in natural pools, rolling in mud, going on the ‘fufi-slide’ again and again, eating watermelon, putting our heads under a waterfall (the natural way of washing your hair), jumping off the cliff into the pool (only me and Brendon though; the others were too scared), and eating ice cream.

A lovely pool...

Look out!!


Slightly mud-crazy... 

Fun on the tubes. 

We’ve been getting goat’s milk from nearby farmers, and visited ‘oom’ Wilhelm and ‘tannie’ Marthie one evening to see their goat, Iris, being milked. They are really nice, and we had a lovely time chatting with them while Iris had her daily treat and ‘oom’ Wilhelm milked her.


 Some of their sheep have names too: Heidi and Dingane...

Our landlord (oom Jan) tiled our bathroom floor one Friday, and we grouted it the next day. It was a messy but educational job.


 After eating watermelon at Eagle Falls, Theuns got creative and took a few pictures... I just gave it a caption.

Thank you for reading!!

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