Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Friends, Mountains, and Stars

Recently we've had some friends come visit for a weekend - it was lovely seeing them again and we had a fun time showing them around the farm. In between the 'kuier', 'braai' (not barbecue) and eating, we went on some long walks, and because of the (wonderful) warm weather even had a surprise first-of-the-season swim!!

There was an incredible amount of flowers in the veld, but all different from what I documented in September

Break time. 

Proof for the first-of-the-season swim. 

I asked them to wave, but the result was better.  

When you've lived your whole life in a city/town, this is awesome (if you're a boy between 9 and 12 years old, that is). 

"It was tiring," contestant A said after the great tire race (pun credit: Tim). 

We also had a sleepover on the mountain with the Burgers and a friend from Oudtshoorn, where we decided on impulse to sleep under the stars again, in memory of last year's Christmas Eve event. The weather was perfect, so we also went on a nice walk, and witnessed a stunning sunset.

Feminine and flora. 

I love this picture - thanks to the stunt actors who climbed the building, and thanks to the Artist who painted the background (and also thanks to 'oom' Jan for the fire). 

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