Saturday, April 11, 2015

Plenty of Socializing

During the past 2 months, we've had some people come and visit us for a day or two, as well as my mom's birthday on March 21st.  So even though we stay on a farm, we are blessed by people visiting us. We have the privilege of having a separate flat where people can stay, and this has proven to be very handy.

'Tannie' Johanneke has been following my mom's website for a while and contacted my mom to hear if she and her 4 children could come and meet us one day. They've been on an amazing journey with similarities to ours, and their visit meant a lot to us.  We have now made new friends all over the  country.

Our other new friends from nearby at the Goukamma Nature Reserve also came for a visit and helped a lot with the ponies ('tannie' Louise and her eldest daughter are great horse lovers). We had fun swimming and folding origami.

Handling Arend.

Getting Valk into a small enclosed area was a mission the first few times... 

Trying join up. 

Enjoying the late evening sun.  

We also had another friend from Oudtshoorn stay over one night - 'tannie' Nanie enjoyed being so close to nature with us.

Lunch under the tree.

On my mom's birthday, people from the valley and some friends from George all came together for a braai, and despite the weather starting out cold and rainy, it cleared up later the afternoon so we could sit outside.  We laughed, star gazed, took a walk, and everyone went home stuffed and happy. The day was good, the food even better and the company the best!

Our very own photoshoot.

Thank you for reading! 


  1. love die laaste foto... ***

    1. Dis ook my gunsteling.... Ek het ook een waar ons hande soos duifies lyk ;) ook mal oor hom. Liefde xx

  2. lekker sosiale lewe daar doer in die klein karoo


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