Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 2nd Kids Outing

On April 2nd, my mom and 7 kids went on a fun outing to Vic Bay, Wilderness, and Knysna (similar to what we did with ouma Elna during February), because 1) we had to pick up some more piglets at the farm near Knysna, 2) my parents decided it's a way of thanking the 'team' for their help with our horses every day, and 3) me and Kate (the friend from up the mountain) had to be taken to George anyway because of a youth camp we were going on.

 The majority of the morning was spent at Victoria Bay.

There weren't too many people as it was a cool day - we swam nevertheless.

"Die hele spul".

After fun on the beach we drove to Knysna, where we had KFC at a beautiful little church.

Our picnic table.

A stroll around the church.

Driving up the rough dirtroad of Gouna, we took a walk in the forest (the Terblans walk). It was not raining in the rainforest, and it was noticeable how different the forest-atmosphere was compared to our previous wet walk with ouma.

The starting point.

The stream.


The Lost Boys from Neverland (no shirts and all).

Finally, we picked up the four piglets (assisted by a friendly Malawian), and with a very full car (my mom, 7 kids, and the 4 seriously stinky piglets), drove to Wilderness, where we took a walk on the beach (to summon courage for the last part of the smelly ride to George), where me and Kate got dropped off at friends.

Loading cargo...

A very full car.


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