Thursday, January 15, 2015

A (Big) Change of Plans

Two weeks into January, we are still at St. Ancothesa; this is because we’ve made a very big decision concerning our future for the whole of 2015.... A week before we would have departed from the farm, my parents got a most crazy idea. As we are getting into the habit of having crazy ideas (ex. this whole travel year thing), they didn’t write it off as unrealistic, and shared it with us. 

What if we stayed here at St. Ancothesa, renting the house, not for a few weeks, or even a month or two, but instead for a whole year?! The more we thought about it, the more we felt that it’s what we should do. So our adventure will now include ‘living on a real South African farm’ as part of our journey! When we planned the trip we did anticipate staying longer at places if there was exceptional circumstances, but we did not expect it to happen so soon. In this case however, there are a number of goals that we have had in mind for a few years now, and almost all of them can become a reality in this setup. This is definitely more than a coincidence... 

When we spoke to our hosts, they were positive and excited about it as well. They shared with us how it was their dad’s vision to have people who wish to experience farm life, renting on the farm and making their contribution in whatever field they are able to. On their business card there is the saying “You don’t have to own it, to live it.” We see ourselves now as the first people who will be doing just that – living actively on a farm, gaining experience with some farm animals to care for and maybe enjoy a planting and harvesting season as well.  We will still be contributing to the farm work in some ways, but we are not here as volunteers anymore, so our time is our own.

A signed contract later, we are going to rent the house we stayed in December (as well as the field next to the house) for 2015. Our plans for the original trip are simply put off till 2016, and we are ready for a year of living on a farm, something new to all of us. We are already busy planning all sorts of ventures, including little piglets, chickens, maybe a miniature horse or two and a vegetable garden that might provide fresh produce to the shop.

- Written by me, mom and dad. 


  1. Goethe se uitspraak "Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it" is so waar in julle geval want julle het begin en "life" is wat jul nou doen.

  2. 'n Plaas in George was Mamma se wens....nou sit julle 80km van George op 'n plaas!!! Dit is wonderlike nuus. Mag julle elke oomblik daarvan geniet!


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