Sunday, November 23, 2014

Life at The Willows

Currently we are staying at The Willows, a beautiful and neat resort on the seaside 10km from Port Elizabeth. Our spaceship/tent setup has "upgraded", as we now sleep in the 2 little camp tents and the inside of the big tent serves as a school/work room. It is necessary as we've had rain and mist, and working with books, laptops, etc. under the canopy of the tent only would have damaged it.

The only workspace for 5 of us....

We're finishing up school and resting with our "tourist activities" now and then for change, but the general idea is that in the week my dad has to work and we have school. We've Geocached ( some more (which is treasure hunting all around the world; we found 3 just in the resort!), watched sunsets, and swam in the ocean.

Geocaching in the night!

Amongst the rocks.

The water is cold...

 But who cares. They snorkeled anyway.

 Enjoying the ocean. (Elna especially!)
We've gone on walks and had fun with our rollerblades.


Mom and dad (we are wearing jackets because an icy wind is blowing).

Me and Panoramas. 

We were also very fortunate to have seen a massive school of dolphins during our stay here, as well as a mother humpback whale and her calf. The whales were constantly breaching, and we watched them across our whole ocean range of vision. They were too far away for pictures, but we saw them very clearly with our binoculars and it was amazing.

 Seastars found while exploring the rocks.

A fun photo shoot on the 5x10 meter beach. 

Till next time when I'll post about all our outings!


  1. Dit lyk asof jul die buitelug geniet en benut terwyl die weer beter is. Intussen word daai koppe gelaai met kennis en ervarings.....die tafeldoek oor die werkstasie lyk pikant!

  2. Hi Elna, dit is vir my baie lekker om van al julle avonture te lees. Dit lyk al te lekker. Julle moet dit baie geniet. Groete jou vriendin Nanette

    1. Hi Nanette, eks bly jy geniet dit! Onthou maar alles het positiewes en negatiewes, dit is nie 'n droom vakansie lewenstyl nie, maar ons leer tog baie en geniet dit. Baie dankie!
      Groete, Elna xx

  3. Selfs julle negatiewes is positief - julle leer baie van die lewe. Geniet dit, terwyl julle kan.


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